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Plan On Drinking Ayahuasca?

Wether you’re new or have drank before.There are advice you never heared before. Even the most of shamans don’t know. We will send you these advices to you once a

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~ There is no star in heaven, we can´t reach~

“Ayahuasqueros use sound and suggestion to direct healing energy into parts of the body and unexamined aspects of an individual’s personal history where psychic tension has come to rest. Often these methods exhibit startling parallels to the techniques of modern psychotherapy; at other times they seem to represent an understanding of possibilities and energies still unrecognized by western theories of healing.”

~Terence Mckenna~


Recognized by Ministry of Peru

You can buy Ayahuasca online on our order buy DMT page . We are recognized by the ministry of culture, and a "permit" from Ministry of Culture will follow with orders over 10kg/liter. The Ayahuasca medicine is a medicine for the humanity with a millennium origin, we have been using it for thousands of years. Check out legal status on here. If you have any questions regarding shipping or usage, refer to our FAQ page first, or contact us. The treatments with the Ayahuasca/Yaje medicine are very successful in the fields of self-knowledge, psychology & detoxification.

What is Ayahuasca and DMT

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is thought to be the most powerful hallucinogen known to man. But many people have never heard of the drug that is mysterious, much less know anything about it, unlike its sister LSD that is psychedelic that is popular. DMT is a natural substance that already exists inside the human brain. It’s released in the pineal gland (also called the “Third Eye”) only when we are under great strain or for a few other reasons for example; childbirth, extreme physical trauma, when we’re born and when we die. So essentially this would mean your dreams would be the product of a DMT trip in your sleep.

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